what we need


The Family Center at Venetia VALLEY

The Family Center at Venetia Valley is the heartbeat of our school: a warm, welcoming, intentional space built on the ideals of cultural responsiveness. 

Our parents are vital contributors to both Venetia Valley and their children’s educations. At the Family Center they build friendships, as well as a solid sense of belonging and ownership, and perhaps most importantly, our community of parents strengthen their voices to become comfortable as empowered advocates for their communities. 

Funding is critical for program innovations and staffing for this crucial space.


Specific Goals:

Multi-year funding: $160,000

Expand current funding/staffing: $40,000


the right team, the right tools

The extraordinary growth of our students and teachers results in large part from hiring key staff with unique skills and unwavering dedication. We don’t look in ordinary places for extraordinary people. We seek to recruit the very best in their fields through a substantial network of community and educational partners. 

We seek to find a highly qualified math and science coach as well as credentialed educators for our arts, PE and music programs. Beyond this, we hope to increase our capacity for classroom support, by hiring aides to better provide individualized learning to meet the diverse needs of our student body.


Specific Goals:

Multi-year funding for literacy coaches: $180,000

First-year funding for STEM coach: $90,000

Credentialed PE program (TK–5): $65,000

Credentialed music program (TK–5): $65,000

Credentialed art program (TK–8): $80,000

Additional teacher’s aides: $100,000


A culturally relevant, culturally responsive education

Venetia Valley seeks to be a trailblazer in offering culturally rooted and responsive curricula, teaching methods and staff. It is our intention to move the needle in Marin County.

To support the natural leadership of our parents and students, we offer innovative, holistic programs that recognize education as a practice of social change. We build on the cultural heritage of our community to support empowerment and a sense of rootedness as parents and students raise their voices and step into positions of leadership and advocacy for their communities.


Specific Goals:

Professional development for culturally relevant curricula: $150,000 over 3 years