A Unique Culture

We provide a unified culture that fosters a sense of belonging, engagement and pride. Our staff believes every child can aspire to higher education if they imbue into them resilience, a love of learning, dedication and hard work. This is an environment that provides an inclusive, authentic collaboration between educators and parents, enabling all of them to become important contributors and campus leaders.


A UNIQUE education

At Venetia Valley, our students are taught that success isn't institutionalized, rather that each and every one of them can succeed as befitting their personal educational goals. We teach that regardless of racial and socioeconomic circumstance, success, at the highest levels of education, is more than an option, it's an achievable goal. Through an integration of family, culture and community we provide a place where all of our students can shine as individuals and as a part of something bigger.


A Unique model

It is not without challenge that we have come so far, so quickly. Our student population — 53% English Language Learners, 78% low socio-economic status and a high percentage of Spanish-speaking parents with limited education — is seen to have less opportunity, and less chance to succeed. We rise to these challenges. We are a dedicated staff organized by a visionary leader and through faith, heart and hard work we will do anything to help our kids succeed. It is our hope that in doing so we become a model for public education; our unique model expanding outwards to change the lives of an entire generation of children and their families.